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June 26, 2013
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"Hey (name)! I'm gonna bring you with me to the world meeting! Now you don't have to be lonely!" your master Alfred says. "Mrrrow~!(Really!?)" you say. You rush into Alfred's open arms. "Haha good kitty. Anyway to the hero's mobile!"

~Time skip of Oppan Gangnam Style Prussia and Dave Strider~

"Alright everyone! If water suddenly becomes un-drinkable then everyone must drink shakes!" Alfred exclaims. "Is that all you think about , Alfred!?" a man with big eyebrows says. No one noticed you in your master's lap , but the boy next to Alfred looks like he has. Feeling bored , you hop off your master's lap when he isn't paying attention , and hopped onto the other boy's lap. "Meeow!(Hello Mr.)" you say quietly for him to hear and not anyone else.

"Oh hello. Aren't you my brother's cat?" he says. Nodding , he smiles a little. "Oh um. My name is Canada. You can call me Matthew i-if you want to." Matthew says. Meowing as an answer- "Hey did anyone hear that,aru?" a boy with long sleeves and a ponytail says. "Ve~ I heard something like a meow. Is there a cat here?" another boy with a curl on his(right or left idk) head. "Meow.(I'll be right back)" you say to Matthew , who seems to understand you. Jumping of his lap , you went under the table and ran through everyone's shoes , hoping they feel the small presence under them. "ACK , bloody hell I felt something hit my feet!" Mr. Bushy Eyebrows says. Hey that nick name isn't bad! Everyone started saying they felt it also. Crawling to Alfred's lap , he chooses to show you all(cue the Lion King scene)

"Oh yeah dudes (and dudettes if they are there)! I brought my pet cat!" he shouts out , holding you in the air.(Lion King scene confirmed) Sighing , since your fun time just ended , everyone rushed to you. "Ve~ she's adorable!" the curly boy says. "Anyway (name) , let me introduce you to everyone!" he says. Looking at everyone , 'oh god , this is gonna take a while.'

~After introducing everyone (crawling around due to laziness)~

"Last , my brother , Canada!" he says. Everyone gave a weird stare at Matthew. "Who's he?" England says. "I-i'm Canada" Matthew says. "My bro always gets forgotten by a lot of people (name). Just so you know" Alfred whispers to you. 'Poor guy , he isn't doing something about it! If I was forgotten or apparently invisible to everyone , I'd have a little fun with that!' you thought. Due to your small size , you can easily escape in everyone's grasp. It's Frances turn to hold you , some reason you don't want to be held by him. Escaping England's grasp , you landed on the floor on your feet. rushing to Matthew's lap since he just stayed in his seat.

"Dude , I think she likes you more than everyone else!" your master says. Seeing a polar bear also on his lap. You meow at it. "Mrrow!(Hello~)" The polar bear turns to you , suprising you a bit. Is it real or a plushie!? "Hello." it says. "I'm Kumajirou." 'I guess this bear is ok, he doesn't seem bad.' you thought. "It's my turn to hold her,da?" Russia says. Glancing at the man , he sure has a big nose. As you were being held by him to his face , you put a paw at him nose. 'Yup , it's real'

You apparently kept on pawing his nose for a long time. Well his face. If your paws were to make stains , his face would be covered in paw prints. Everyone was shocked you weren't scared of Russia. You didn't know why they were scared of him. "C-can I hold her now , amigo?" Spain says. As you feel another pair of hands grab you , you come face to face with Spain. 'I'm gonna paw everyone now' you thought with a small devious grin on you. You immediately place your paws around his face , moving his cheeks around. "(insert a funny joke Antonio would say cause I don't know one)" says Spain. 'That was funny , you'll be pawed more than everyone' "Ve~ can I hold her now?" Italy says. Instead of pawing his face , you paw his curl. "A-ah , please don't touch there , it's sensitive!" he says. 'I'll paw it when your sleeping then.....if I knew where you live' "Meow!(Why are your eyes closed!?)" you say. Pawing his eyes , attempting to open them and failed. 'I feel like everyone forgot about their meeting.' you thought. "Big brother! Where the hell are you!" you hear another voice in the building over everyones. Everyone instantly stopped talking. Alfred blocks the door with a plank on the handles. "Oh god why is she here!" China says. Russia instantly ran to the farthest corner of the room. 'Why is everyone afraid of this eh.....person' you wonder. You rush to Russia's lap , trying to comfort him.

Big banging from the door was hear. "BIG BROTHER! I KNOW YOUR IN HERE! THIS DAMN DOOR IS BLOCKING US! OPEN THIS DOOR GOD DAMN IT!" she says. Everyone screams in terror and joins you two in the corner , squealing in fear. Suddenly the plank breaks , and the door bursts open. "ALL OF YOU STAY AWAY FROM BIG BROTHER! HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL BECOME ONE WITH ME!" she shouts out. Everyone ran away from the corner , leaving you and a crying Russia. The girl started to walk to him , muttering 'marry me' in a creepy way. "GO AWAY BELARUS!" Russia crys out over and over again.

As Belarus kneels infront of Russia she looks at his lap. "Are you going to become one with cats now!?" she says. Russia shook is head in a surprisingly fast way. Belarus holds you in the air to her face , giving you a 'harm me , and your dead' glare . Everyone started to pray , hoping you wouldn't do something to get yourself killed. Attempting to do the cutest cat look you could do , you paw her nose , cheeks , forehead , and last her lips. She blushed a little. Seems that your skills of pawing were able to make her soft.......a tiny bit. As you leave her hands , you lay on her head , looking at everyone , who apparently is in shock and slight fear. "She is fine , for now" Belarus says. Smiling in victory , you stay there. Everyone sat in their seats again(slightly scooted away from Russia) , with Belarus clinging to Russia and you on her head still.

'These people aren't bad' you thought.

Alfred was still praying though.


im sorry if they are OVERLY OUT OF CHARACTER I just

I was having fun writing this

I don't own hetalia

your owned by everyone!!!!! MWUAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA

I only own the fanfic

I.....I don't know  ; ~ ;

hope you all loved this

I didn't do all the countries since that would be too much.....writing

but it's ok , there will be parts on this with everyone! OR AT LEAST I'LL TRY

if I can

I know it sucks :3
I don't own Hetalia
I only own the fanfic
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I have a feeling this should be made into a series!! It's really good~! I love it~!! <3
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"Alright everyone! If water suddenly becomes un-drinkable then everyone must drink shakes!"
Me: ... I'M IN!!!
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Cricket: If water became un-drinkable the cow would die and won't give the milk needed to make milk shakes, and other shakes has crushed ice in them (which is made of water) so basically if the water becomes un-drinkable we're basically screwed.
XxravecookiexX Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  New member
D: My future is ruined. >.<
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*paw molests Greece* Meeeooow~ (You smell like cats)

[Spain joke: I guess you can call me 'Pawpaw' now.]

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